Energy monitoring


SC GEF ENERGY FREE SRL is committed to being a reliable long-term partner for its collaborators. Through the diversity of our representative manufacturers, our specialized staff and our logistics, we address all manufacturers, contractors, architects and designers in the field, with a full range of electrical equipment with quality and compliance certificates for the standards and standards currently in force in the European community. The advantages of our company that underpins the relationship with business partners, suppliers or customers are: Quality, timeliness, mutual benefit

SC GEF energy FREE SRL has chosen to develop solutions and services that are adaptable to customer needs and needs; by adopting common perspectives we understand ensuring and strengthening the success of our partnerships.

Through the partner Algodue Italy, we can provide electrical equipment / products necessary for electrical installations.

Mid-approved single-phase and three-phase meters for measuring and controlling consumption to be combined with different communication modules.

Power meters for controlling industrial energy , DIN rail or panel mount (96x6mm or 144x144mm).


Rogowski coils for measuring current, for combination with signal integrators for a self- contained measurement kit or for connection with measuring devices suitable for their use.

Class A Power quality Analyzer certified according to EN 50160 to monitor power quality for both industrial and utility applications.


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