Automation projects


Based on our engineers team, we can offer automation turnkey projects, based on your specified project.

We have the possibility of offering on request ATEX certified panels (electronic logic in flameproof box), including high tech electronic decision logic, parametrized configuration based upon each project (number of inputs/exits to/from engine, equipments driven by engine, information gathered from sensors throught the entire assembly), network monitoring (internet, intranet, 3G, 4G, ethernet), showing information from the assembly on display. Constructing personalized offers, the customers can reduce the procurement price of the automation equipment by using the right ammount of ports needed in their project.

A schematic of an automation panel for the natural gas compression industry can be observed below. We have the possibility of offering the panels both in flameproof boxes, in customer's box, or in non flameproof (regular) box, based on the project type (for petroleum applications, generator set manufacturing, gas compression industry, etc.)


In order to configurate an automation panel, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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